5 Reasons Why Every Human Being’s Life Matters


In contemporary society, many individuals tend to perceive themselves as superior to others based on factors such as wealth or achievements. It is crucial to recognize that in the eyes of God, all individuals are equal. This article aims to delve into the five fundamental reasons why every human being’s life holds intrinsic value and significance.

Individual Uniqueness:

Contrary to the belief that some individuals are inherently superior, the reality is that each person possesses distinctive qualities and capabilities. Every person is unique in their own right, capable of achieving remarkable feats. It is imperative to persistently strive towards personal goals without allowing the opinions of others to hinder progress.

Divine Selection:

The notion that God has deliberately chosen every individual to exist underscores their inherent importance and purpose in this world. Acknowledging this truth necessitates humility, compassion, and mutual support, as life is fleeting and unpredictable. It is impossible to ascertain who might extend a helping hand in times of dire need, emphasizing the significance of fostering genuine connections and assisting others selflessly.

Universal Right to Happiness:

Happiness is an intrinsic facet of the human experience, and every individual deserves to embrace it fully. The pursuit of happiness should not be confined to a select few, as the significance of every human life is universal in the eyes of a higher power. Selfishness and the misguided belief that one deserves more than others perpetuate societal inequalities and inflict needless pain on those who are marginalized. It is incumbent upon society to cease causing suffering and recognize the equal worth of every human being.

Inspirational Potential:

Regardless of one’s circumstances, every individual possesses the capacity to inspire others. Even those who perceive themselves as lacking in material wealth can serve as a source of inspiration to others. It is crucial to understand that in the eyes of a higher power, all human beings are equal. Gratitude and empathy should guide our interactions with others, eschewing condescension rooted in material wealth. True richness lies in the love and compassion extended towards our fellow human beings.

Fulfilling Individual Purpose:

God created everyone for a reason. Each human being has the ability to effect meaningful change in their life by living out their unique purpose. It is inherent in the creation of every individual to possess a reason for being. The interdependence among individuals necessitates the recognition that we rely on each other to navigate life’s journey. No one can accomplish everything in isolation. We really need each other in this planet.


In a world characterized by judgment and inequality, it is vital to comprehend the inherent significance of every human life. By fostering a society rooted in equality, compassion, and understanding, we can collectively appreciate the worth of each individual. Regardless of possessions or social standing, it is essential to acknowledge that everyone’s life holds value. Let us champion love, support, and respect for one another, striving towards a world where every human being is recognized and esteemed for their intrinsic worth.

By Deodatus R. Mgembe