6 Common Things Men Do That Women Hate


In relationships, it is important to recognize that both men and women have their flaws. However, certain actions or behaviors can easily frustrate women when exhibited by men. It often appears that men have a more laid-back approach to things, whereas women may consider these actions to be significant and potentially disruptive. In order to maintain fairness, following our previous discussion on the 6 common things women do that men hate, this article will now address the 6 common things men do that women hate.

Not giving her attention:

One of the habits that women dislike the most is when men fail to give them the attention they feel they deserve. Many men are notorious for being bad listeners, appearing as though they are paying attention when their partner speaks, but their minds are elsewhere. This behavior stems from the belief that women tend to complain too much, leading men to disregard them. However, women need their partner’s attention as it makes them feel loved, appreciated, and valued.

Constant cheating:

It is true that men tend to engage in more cheating within relationships compared to women. Men can cheat with someone they don’t even love and then act as if everything is normal when they return to their partners. This behavior is something women despise because, generally, women are more faithful in their relationships compared to men. When a woman cheats, there is typically an underlying problem within the relationship or an indication that it may be ending. Women don’t engage in infidelity as casually as men do.

Not keeping promises:

While it’s often said that talk is cheap, it doesn’t mean that men should make promises they cannot keep. To women, a man’s word is a bond. If you say you will do something, make sure you follow through. Keeping promises shows that you are truthful, trustworthy, and reliable. When a man fails to keep his promises, it frustrates women because they desire a partner who is dependable and truthful.

Coming home late:

One of the habits that nearly every woman dislikes about men is consistently coming home late. While there may be valid reasons for arriving home late on occasion, women generally dislike this behavior because they immediately think of negative reasons, such as infidelity. Women want to be a priority in their partner’s life, so it upsets them when their partner prioritizes someone or something else over them, like work or other commitments.

Comparing her to your ex:

Women strongly dislike it when their partners compare them to their exes, especially when they do something that displeases the man. Women interpret this as a sign that their partner has not fully let go of their past relationship and still considers their ex to be superior. When a man compares his current partner to his ex, it irritates and angers women, particularly if the comparison is accurate and the woman is aware of it.

Smoking cigarettes:

The majority of women dislike men who smoke cigarettes. The smell of cigarette smoke on a man’s breath irritates them, but there is often little they can do about it. Not only do women hate the smell, but even non-smoking men can attest to the discomfort of sitting next to a person who smokes. Smoking is not only irritating, but it is also detrimental to the smoker’s health and to the well-being of those in close proximity.


While there are numerous things that men do which women dislike, the ones discussed above are among the most common. It may seem as though women have more grievances about men than vice versa, but this article aims to provide a balanced perspective. None of us are perfect, but we should all strive to accept our imperfections, value what we have, and respect one another. By doing so, we can cultivate long-lasting and fulfilling relationships with our partners instead of facing constant

By Deodatus R. Mgembe