6 Key steps for developing a business idea

Choosing the type of business starts with getting a business idea. However, getting a business idea is not a one-time thing; it is a process that undergoes a number of steps. In other words, developing a good business idea begins with finding one. Many people wishing to start their small businesses get stuck in deciding the kind of business and the rationale for such a decision. The process to develop a business idea is a cornerstone aspect of having a successful business in place. This article provides six steps that the potential business owner has to pass to have the best business idea.

1. Ideas Generation

The first step in developing business ideas is generating some ideas from which a strong business idea is born. In this step, you should write down every idea that comes to your mind. Every time you think of an idea, do not allow it to perish, instead, jot it down. You can use a week or so to do this exercise.

You may ask yourself about the source of such ideas. In most cases, the ideas come from your daily life, the surrounding environment, the people around you, and their activities. You can also generate ideas from the challenges that your society faces. Ensure to have a whole page or more concepts before thinking of the best one.

2. Best idea determination

You need to select what you consider the best idea from your list of ideas. This step may involve a go-and-return aspect since what you may consider the best at first may end up being the least. Thus, do not destroy the other list even after you have decided and selected the best choice. It would be best to keep the other ideas as you might need to come back to them.

3. Exploring the idea

This step involves a bit of market research o make sure that you understand all the business variables related to the selected idea. You need to find out all that you can about your idea; including what the existing market offers and what you consider adding to the market; know your top competitors and what are you planning to do to outsmart your competitors.  You also need to go the extra mile and know the required resources to turn your idea into a business.

4. Cleansing the idea

From your research results in number 3 above, refine the selected idea. If the idea seems not to work, go back to the rest of the list and make a second selection. Do it this way several times as practically necessary until you make your final decision.

5. Idea testing

As part of the process, you need to test your idea against the market, competition, and availability of customers. That is to say, you will have to undertake preliminary market research on the workability of the selected best idea. In case your idea is a physical product, you may need to create a prototype product and release it to the market.

6. Identify your Market

Having tested your product or services you need to identify your market. At this step you need to decide who are your customers, their ability and readiness to pay, and how much will they be interested to pay. In other words, before launching your product, it is vital to undertake in-depth market research to determine who is seriously interested in your product or service.


In conclusion, developing a business idea requires a lot of thought and consideration. By following the six key steps outlined here, you can ensure that your business idea is well-researched and planned out. First, is idea generation. Second, determine the best idea. Third, explore the idea. Fourth, cleansing the idea. Fifth, testing the idea. Sixth, identifying the market. With these steps, you can confidently move forward with your business idea and start building a successful business.