6 Tips on How to Use and Manage Your Time Effectively


Time management has been a big problem to most of us. We find ourselves stretched too thin and always struggle against the clock. The burden of tasks on the table keeps us frustrated that we can not manage to set time for other important things like family and even ourselves. We all have 24 hours everyday , but the thing is how do we use them effectively?. Time is the most important thing that nobody wants to waste. The following are the helpful tips on how to use and manage your time effectively.

1 . Make your ‘ TO DO ‘ list

Make a list of things you want to do or goals you want to achieve for at least a week. They might be personal activities, school ,work related or anything. Prioritize your goals , make the most important ones on top, the ones that you will spend most time on. Set time for every activity you plan to do , and make sure you follow that time and not distracting yourself by doing unimportant things during that time example, scrolling Instagram pages and Facebook. This will help you focus since you know what to do and what next on your list.

2 . Arrange tasks based on their importance and urgency

Put the most important and urgent tasks on top of your list. If the task is urgent but not important , complete it after the tasks that are both important and urgent. Then you can move to the ones that are important but not urgent. If possible you can also delegate tasks that are neither urgent nor important to others to complete. This will help you complete the urgent and important tasks in time while you are with enough energy and right state of mind to concentrate.

3 . Do the most important tasks first when you are energetic

Learn to track your energy everyday to know when you are energetic. Make sure you use that time to complete all the most important tasks on your plate. Most people have enough energy in the morning because they had a long rest during night, this indeed is a perfect time to complete those tasks especially the ones with deadline. By doing this ,you will find yourself using your time effectively and even save yourself few minutes of resting while doing normal tasks that are not so important.

4 . Set time limit to complete a task

Setting time limit will help you be more focused and use that time effectively. It will help you to even have time to deal with few problems that may arise while working on a particular task. This is the best way of managing your time instead of using a lot of time on one task that might not be completed. Set time limit to every task and make sure you concentrate on finishing it on time and move to another task.

5 . Identify and eliminate distractive habits that will waste your time while on task

There are always some habits you might have that takes you off task example checking your phone every time, replying texts or even checking social media pages while you are in the middle of doing something. This does not only waste your time, but also make you loose focus and concentration on what you were doing. Put your phone away, turn off social media notifications and focus on what you have to do at that time.

6 . Delegate tasks if possible

For the tasks that are neither important nor urgent you can delegate them to others if possible, to save time and energy. You don’t have to do everything by yourself, delegating will help take take some pressure off of you and concentrate on other important tasks. Give others a chance to help you with other tasks, avoid thinking that you have to do everything yourself or thinking that others will not do it correctly.


However you will find these tips very helpful if you put your immediate consideration to them. Make use of your time effective, avoid wasting time and overworking yourself with no reason. Time management is very important because we get to do different things not only just working. If we manage time wisely, we get time for ourselves and families as well.

By Deodatus R. Mgembe