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7 Factors that Can Prohibit Success in Your Life

We have often been asking each other about our successes and failures in life. Each one puts in different efforts to succeed. However, despite these efforts, some are successful, and others are not. Life is full of challenges that, if not careful, you can always miss your target. 

This article will show what success and failure mean and the challenge that may prohibit your success, for which mitigating those challenges will result in success.

What is Success

There are several ways to define success. Success is in the eyes of the target setter. Generally, we can define success as the state of accomplishing set goals. Not achieving the set goal is termed a failure.

Challenges  that May Prohibit Your Success

There is a saying that the world is a  chaotic ground in which everyone plays his or dance in his way. In such a chaotic environment, several challenges may surround you, failing to meet your objectives. Thus, it would be best to mitigate those factors standing before your success. The following are some of those challenges.

1. Negative Mindset/ Attitude

Psychologists say that mindset plays a significant role in one’s success in life. Mindset helps to see life differently using a personal lens. The attitude explains assumptions and expectations you hold about yourself, your neighbors, the things surrounding you, and the worldview in general. Attitude can help you to improve your health condition, economic situation, stress level, and many more. There is no right or wrong in life; it depends on your attitude. If you think big, you get big because you will set strategies for big goals. On the other hand, if you water down your dreams, you will set strategies toward a watered-down goal.

People with a negative mindset see things from a negative perspective and can never succeed. People with a negative mindset can not find a solution to their challenges; instead, they keep complaining about what they go through. Please know that your negative mindset blocks you from succeeding; thus, you should immediately work on your mindset.

2. Living On What Other People Think

Living on what people think has been a widespread challenge that made many people fail to reach their goals or accomplish their dreams. Some people care too much about what people think or say and forget about fulfilling their dreams. You must know your destiny and plan accordingly. Stop bothering about what people expect from you, of course, not to the expense of disobeying state and religious rules.

3. Fear of Failure

Many people fear failing, which can block them from achieving their goals. There are times when you have to make difficult decisions without fear. Moreover, failure and resumption are part of the steps toward victory. Many successful people had miserably failed several times before they registered success. So don’t be afraid to fail because, in failure, you will get lessons to go ahead with it. Remember that fear of failure is one of your enemies; please unlock it.

4. Letting your Past Define You

Your past life can be good or bad; it's all life. Many people have been walking through the shadows of past life, which has hindered success. Do not let the past judge you now because you will have set yourself a wrong threshold, especially if you had an unpleasant past. Live today, and let bygone be bygone because failure is a precursor to success.

5. Disobeying your Passion

Passion is a strong feeling or emotion, a strong liking or desire for something. It is a common phenomenon that people do best for things they like most. Thus, disrespect for your passion can prevent you from achieving your desired success. Passion is like fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or complicated they might be. In other words, passion generates the enthusiasm needed to plow through the most significant obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges in life. Doing what you like most inspires loyalty, teamwork, hard work, and success.

6. Bad Company/ Toxic Friends

We all believe in the notion that says, ' your friends define who you are. When you hang out with good friends, it is obvious that you will be good too, but if you hang out with bad friends, the chances of you being good are meager. Bad friends always lead you astray. Friends can make you successful or unsuccessful in life. If most of your friends are those who have no vision, it is most likely that you may not have a vision too. Suppose you have friends who are constantly drunk, lazy, and careless; there is a very high possibility that you will carry those behaviors. So it is good to take great care in selecting friends.

 7. Displaced Attention

The world is full of surprises, nasty or good. You likely fall into a trap, get attracted to a nasty surprise, and start following such improper items. When you find yourself following things outside your schedule, you have lost focus; as a result, know that your success keeps going far away. If you lose focus in implementing something, know that it is the beginning of failure to achieve your goals. So it is better to put your plans in writing so that you can follow them at all times.


The above factors are vital in making your life a success. Your success is always in your hands and mind. I read a book by Joseph Murphy titled “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” which shows that your success is in you. What you believe is what is happening in your life. Thus, make sure you think, say, and do what you would like to see happening.  

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe