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7 Helpful Tips to Overcome an Addiction


You can define Addiction as a chronic dysfunction of the brain system. It is about the way your body craves a substance or behavior, especially if it causes a compulsive or obsessive pursuit of reward and a lack of concern over consequences. People with various addictions are unable to stay away from substances or stop addictive behavior, They display a lack of self-control, and they ignore how their addiction or addictive behavior may cause problems. However, any addiction can be preventable and treatable. The followings are the 7 Helpful Tips to Overcome an Addiction ;

1 . Decide and be ready to change

First, you have to remember that you are the one who should decide and be ready to change and overcome an Addiction. Acknowledging that you need to change, means that you recognize that there is a problem and you need to address it. This decision and the whole process of change might take time, but if you have decided and you are ready to change then you will overcome your addiction. So you have decided and be ready for that fight for positive results.

2 . Prepare yourself to deal with things that trigger your cravings

It is very important that you prepare yourself to deal with things that will trigger your cravings, for example being in an environment where others are using what you are trying to quit. Not every time you can avoid those environments, sometimes your job or any social activities may require you to be in those environments and there is nothing you can do to avoid them. A tip here is to get ready. Don’t let anyone convince you to get back to what you are trying to quit. Create your strategies for dealing with these things, otherwise, you will fail.

3 . Review your past attempts at quitting and see what went wrong

Take a look at your past when you attempted to quit, and think about what worked and what did not work. Think about what may have contributed to your to fail and make changes. This will help you avoid the same mistake you made in the past and manage to Overcome your addiction. This is very important because if you don’t consider this, you will find yourself failing to quit again and again.

4 . Change your environment

Change your environment and try to remove everything that reminds you of your addiction from home and the workplace. Isolate yourself from those who would convince you to see the object of your addiction example, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or behavior. If you are trying to quit drinking then get rid of alcohol, bottle openers, wine glasses, etc. If you are trying to quit masturbation then avoid being alone and stop watching pornographies. Do not allow unnecessary temptation.

5 . Let people know that you quit

Talk to your family and friends and ask for their encouragement and support. Let them know you are quitting, and if they use your object of addiction, ask them not to do so in Infront of you. This is a way to avoid temptation and mismanagement of your addiction. Sometimes you might be willing to quit a certain addiction but people around you can distract you and make your fight very hard. It is very important to let them know that you quit, in order to avoid calling you to places with those substances and bringing those substances around you. However, this will be very helpful.

6 . Find alternative activities

Try to come up with alternative activities, make a timetable for them, and follow that timetable. If it is jogging then arrange a time for jogging and follow it. If it is going to the gym then make time for the gym and follow it. Avoid the free time and try to keep yourself busy most of the time, it is very helpful.

7 . Don’t feel ashamed to seek help

Most people feel shy and ashamed to open up to others about the addictions that they are struggling with. You may feel neglected, devalued, and belittled but do not worry, feel free to ask for help for you to move faster. Remember, everyone has some challenges in life, and you are not alone. Understanding your weakness means you have the journey started. Preparing yourself and your mindset to change is a grand milestone worth celebrating. Open up to people you trust or join social groups and share your problems with others in order to get help.


In conclusion, overcoming an addiction is a difficult journey and requires dedication and commitment. Thus, if you are determined to break the cycle of addiction, please use the seven tips shared, and will see the results. You may share these tips with your relatives whom you think need help or can help others. Addiction can be anything, most people are dealing with different types of addictions example drugs, alcohol, gambling, and various behaviors. Most people have managed to Overcome their addictions and now they are living a comfortable and harmless life. Don’t be ashamed of opening up and go get help before it is too late.

By Deodatus R . Mgembe