Author: Deodatus Mgembe


Prayer is a conversation or communication with God. But who is God? According to Wikipedia, God is the eternal, supreme being who created and pressures everything. God is the creator of all living and nonliving things in simple language. Human beings are part and parcel of the living things that God created. The word of God in Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” God represents a supernatural power beyond everything, capable of everything that human beings can not do. Since that God is our creator and a source of our living, we need his Great Hand and blessings to succeed.

Why do human beings pray?

If you agree that you are a product of God’s creation, and if you agree with what contains in Genesis 1:27 that you are the image of God the creator, then communication with the source of your existence (God) is inevitable. We pray for many reasons depending on what one wants to communicate with God. In most cases, communication with God is in two categories: thanks-giving and communication for making requests. That is to say, through prayer, you either appreciate what God has provided you with or new lodge requests. Thanks-giving prayers have dual responsibilities as they make appreciation and at the same time pleases God, who offers more blessings. There is miraculous power in prayer as we see things happening. I have experienced several benefits of communicating with God. Thus, I want to share a few of them in this article.

1 . Maintaining a good relationship with God.

We need to talk and share our concerns with someone trustworthy in a lonely situation. We can consider our parents, wives, husbands, and friends reliable enough to share our feelings in a bodily condition. Spiritual-wise, we need to share all our feelings and desires with God. Just like our parents on earth, God wants to hear from us and talk to us; when we talk, he listens, then he answers our prayers in many forms like thoughts, feelings, or even through actions. Prayer can connect you with God and make everything possible because God never fails. The word of God in Psalms 125:1-2 says those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which will never be shaken. All these are possible if we have a good relationship with God. It is only through prayers we can establish a good relationship with God.

2 . Prayer provides answers to the unknown.

When we pray, God listens and provides solutions to our requests. We are not perfect; we make many mistakes that we know of, or sometimes we don’t know. Sometimes life gives us many challenges beyond our capacity, and we find ourselves stuck with no answers, but through prayer, God reveals solutions to our problems and makes everything possible.

3 . Prayer gives strength to fight temptation

Life is full of temptations and trials. We fall into those trials and regret just because we don’t have the power to realize if we make the right decision or not. Sometimes we do things that do not please God, but he understands that we are not perfect; thus, he forgives us when we pray for forgiveness. Life has a lot of temptations that can make us lose direction; the evil is around us, always looking for loopholes to catch us. It is by the Grace of God we can escape our sins. But how do we get this Grace of God? Again it is through prayers. Without praying, we become weak, and satan takes us for granted. When we pray, we get more robust, and hence we keep going. Let us pray and fight against temptations.

4 . Prayer brings about change

A righteous person’s prayer is powerful and effective and can change anything considered impossible. So do not underrate yourself; you can change the world. You need to pray hard, asking God to make changes to your life and for the world at large. We as human beings can go through many troubles that sometimes change our humanity and make us evil, but through prayer, we can face all situations and change ourselves and our lives for good. We get to be protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. Prayer can genuinely make you a better person than you were before.

5 . Prayer helps us find purpose

God has a plan for us and desires to lead and guide us. When you humble yourself in prayer and offer yourself to him as a tool, God shows and leads you in everything that you do. God gives you the terms of reference of your existence, and on top, God gives you the strength of performing and achieving what contains in terms of reference. We don’t just have to pray, but rather, we have to pray with faith and let God do the rest. Sometimes life treats us in a way that we find ourselves lost with no hope, but through prayer, we see the light, find new hope and feel like we are born again. We need to know the reason for our existence. God reveals all these through prayers. Let us pray and find our purpose.

6 . Prayer heals

A prayer heals not only diseases but also souls. People suffer from many physical and spiritual diseases, and in many cases, humans cannot find a solution for such conditions. As a result of the inability to find a solution, people get dispaired, lose hearts, and die. People suffer from spiritual demons to which doctors can not find a solution; only prayer can heal. Thus, prayer is a healer of all diseases that human beings can not heal; you can find a new heart and hope through prayer. Put God first, and others shall be added onto you.

7 . Prayer Guides us

Through prayer, God shows us direction. God has been fantastic in how he can lead you to where you want to go simply by just asking him through prayer. When you request God for help, you allow Him to guide your path and control your life. If you pray, God will provide you with the guidance that you can never imagine, the one that you didn’t even know that you needed. When we pray, even if we don’t ask for specifics, God guides us because he doesn’t want his kids to suffer, so he let angels upon us and let us feel secure. In this case, God is our guide and our teacher, which He does all through our prayers.


I trust that you have seen some of the miraculous powers of prayer. Use these few shared and think further. Pray to know more, pray to get healed, pray to change the world, pray to find your purpose, and pray to be guided; otherwise, you fall into the hands of satan. You are responsible for bridging your life with God. It is through praying you can keep God close to you. Remember that God never fails, and he will never let us fall if we pray. Make praying your daily habit to receive the miracles that God prepared for you.


We have often been asking each other about our successes and failures in life. Each one puts in different efforts to succeed. However, despite these efforts, some are successful, and others are not. Life is full of challenges that, if not careful, you can always miss your target.
 This article will show what success and failure mean and the challenge that may prohibit your success, for which mitigating those challenges will result in success.

What is Success

There are several ways to define success. Success is in the eyes of the target setter. Generally, we can define success as the state of accomplishing set goals. Not achieving the set goal is termed a failure.

Challenges  that May Prohibit Your Success

There is a saying that the world is a  chaotic ground in which everyone plays his dance in his way. In such a chaotic environment, several challenges may surround you, failing to meet your objectives. Thus, it would be best to mitigate those factors standing before your success. The following are some of those challenges.

1. Negative Mindset/ Attitude

Psychologists say that mindset plays a significant role in one’s success in life. Mindset helps to see life differently using a personal lens. The attitude explains assumptions and expectations you hold about yourself, your neighbors, the things surrounding you, and the worldview in general. Attitude can help you to improve your health condition, economic situation, stress level, and many more. There is no right or wrong in life; it depends on your attitude. If you think big, you get big because you will set strategies for big goals. On the other hand, if you water down your dreams, you will set strategies toward a watered-down goal.

People with a negative mindset see things from a negative perspective and can never succeed. People with a negative mindset can not find a solution to their challenges; instead, they keep complaining about what they go through. Please know that your negative mindset blocks you from succeeding; thus, you should immediately work on your mindset.

2. Living On What Other People Think

Living on what people think has been a widespread challenge that made many people fail to reach their goals or accomplish their dreams. Some people care too much about what people think or say and forget about fulfilling their dreams. You must know your destiny and plan accordingly. Stop bothering about what people expect from you, of course, not to the expense of disobeying state and religious rules.


Many people fear failing, which can block you from achieving your goals. There are times when you have to make difficult decisions without fear. Moreover, failure and resumption are part of the steps towards victory. Many successful people had miserably failed several times before they registered success. So don’t be afraid to fail because, in failure, you will get lessons to go ahead with it. Remember that fear of failure is one of your enemies; please unlock it.


Your past life can be good or bad; it's all life. Many people have been walking through the shadows of past life, which has hindered success. Do not let the past judge you now because you will have set yourself a wrong threshold, especially if you had an unpleasant past. Live today, and let bygone be bygone because failure is a precursor to success.


Passion is a strong feeling or emotion, a strong liking or desire for something. It is a common phenomenon that people do best for things they like most. Thus, disrespect for your passion can prevent you from achieving your desired success. Passion is like fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or complicated they might be. In other words, passion generates the enthusiasm needed to plow through the most significant obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges in life. Doing what you like most inspires loyalty, teamwork, hard work, and success.


We all believe in the notion that says, ' your friends define who you are. When you hang out with good friends, it is obvious that you will be good too, but if you hang out with bad friends, the chances of you being good are meager. Bad friends always lead you astray. Friends can make you successful or unsuccessful in life. If most of your friends are those who have no vision, it is most likely that you may not have a vision too. Suppose you have friends who are constantly drunk, lazy, and careless; there is a very high possibility that you will carry those behaviors. So it is good to take great care in selecting friends.


The world is full of surprises, nasty or good. You likely fall into a trap, get attracted to a nasty surprise and start following such improper items. When you find yourself following things outside your schedule, you have lost focus; as a result, know that your success keeps going far away. If you lose focus in implementing something, know that it is the beginning of failure to achieve your goals. So it is better to put your plans in writing so that you can follow them at all times.


The above factors are vital in making your life a success. Your success is always on your hands and mind. I read a book by Joseph Murphy titled “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” which shows that your success is in you. What you believe is what is happening in your life. Thus, make sure you think, say, and do what you would like to see happening.  

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe

Understanding the general concept of ‘CONSCIENCE ‘ as a foundation of good conduct.

It is common to hear words like ‘he has no conscience at all, or his conscience is died long time ago, and the like. Today let’s take a look at the general concept of conscience, meaning, types of conscience, and some few characteristics.


Conscience is a power or energy which enables human being to make correct judgement. Conscience forms the foundation of good behaviour or conduct in any society. On the other hand, conscience is that part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being right or wrong. It is the feeling that something is morally right or wrong. We also learn from the Bible in Romans 2:15 that conscience is God given. Conscience is inward-looking and an internal character that comes from within oneself. So, let us the characteristics of conscience.


Basic characteristics of conscience include the following:-

  1. It acts as inner power that warns or condemns you for doing or not doing something.
  2. Tenderness and sympathy, pity, and true love characterize conscience, and, hence, doing against the conscience always haunt.; but people with active conscience, rarel act against their conscience.
  3. Conscience activate our duty and obligation: There is a conscience clause in human beings that involves a duty to society, and such duty and obligation to the society pushes individual’s actions.
  4. Conscience demands the right and proper use of our intelligence towards a judgment. How do you know that you have used the right judgment? We can obtain answers to the questions from the types of conscience and seeing where you belong.


There are severl types of conscience characterising human beings. In this article, I chose to share a few categories that I considered important.


The Right conscience characterizes a person who correctly judges right things as right both in the individual’s perspective and in society’s eyes. The conscience is right when there is no harm posed to others by the exercise but a person may chose to do something which is harmful.


An individual with erroneous conscience erroneously justifies things wrong in the eyes of society as right, lies as truth, false cultural values as correct, and always goes the opposite direction. Sometimes, people lie deliberately to hurt someone, and some lie without knowing. Self-defense and self-esteem form  the main characters of an individual with an erroneous  conscience


A Certain conscience is in place when one is convinced without any doubt that an action is good or bad. Because of such a belief, an individual always act with certainity.


A doubtful conscience is the type of conscience that happens when someone makes judgment with worries or fear. It is a judgment done out of doubt that something bad might be happening. To avoid the concequences of such bad occurance, a doubtful conscience pushes you to make a certain decision as a mitigator.


Perplexed conscience occurs when someone doubts everything in solving personal life problems. A person with perplexed conscience doubts even his ability to do things. Some people don’t believe in themselves in anything and find their problems to be prominent than themselves. Because of the belief that their problems are prominent than themselves, they live with unsolved problems which affect not only them but also the society theu are in.


An individual with scrupulous conscience undergoes psychological trauma or depression always. The cause for such traumatic experience could be psychological background, family influence, ignorance, spiritual causes, or blindness of life. An individual with scrupulous conscience always suffers from endless pains.


This is the type of conscience that does not judge things seriously and does not consider important things more important. A dead conscience is blunt. In most cases, people with dead conscience are the major cause of trouble in society. A good example include terrorists, thieves, or sexual maniacs are people with dead conscience. Dead conscience may be a result of bad company, and too much interest in money or material things.


You can all agree with me that conscience is a foundation of good conduct and that most of us believe that conscience is an honest voice that warns us from bad judgment and directs us to do good. We have seen different types of conscience, and thus as a member of society, you will have to consider the lesson you obtained from this article in the way of behaving and what you should do and not to. Proper use of our conscience can help us make the world a safe place to live. Proper use of our conscience can help us in making the world a safe place to live.

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe.


A great saying that says a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. A human body is like a machine that requires regular maintenance and good care to work properly. Physical exercise acts as a lubricant to the human body.

There are different kinds of Physical exercises depending on one’s preference and choice. Some people enjoy walking, some like jogging and others prefer weight lifting exercises. So, while selecting proper physical exercises consider your interest and where necessary obtain medical sdvise. There are so many reasons why we need physical exercises. I selected and shared some few importances of physical exerces

Physical Exercise reduces stress, and depression

People lacking adequate physical exercise are more likely to get stress, anxiety, depression, and being down all the time. Such kinds of people have dull and unsharp minds and bodies. Thus, Physical exercises work as mood lifters and hence more power to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. We all know the impact of stress and depression quickly amounts to untimely death. Avoid such an untimely death by just doing physical exercise. So, make a decision now and start exercising.

Physical excercises is a weight loss instrument

Physical exercise is a for the problem of overweight. Many people try to avoid weight gain by escaping their meals. However, you can eat as you wish without gaining any weight; instead, you stay healthy and fit. Keep on doing physical exercises.

Physical exercises as a Life Prolonging Tool

Many people die from non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and other heart-related diseases. Physical exercise plays a great role in preventing these non-communicable diseases from claiming the lives of many human beings. For such reasons, many government leaders call upon their citizens to regularly engage themselves in doing physical exercises.

Physical exercise Improves your self-image and confidence

Life is too short and you need to live your life to the fullest. Thus, you need to feel good about yourself starting from your looks and self-confidence. Lack of physical exerces denies you the right to feel good and confident. If you want to maintain your confidence start doing your physical exercises now and start feeling proud of yourself.

Physical exercise Boosts your energy level

Physical exercise brings together your brain and body reulting to sharp mind and physical fittnes promotion. A person with sharp mind and body performs better than the one with unsharp mind and body. Moreover, Physical exercise increases efficiency of your heart functions and aboosts your energy level.

Physical exercises are Good for brain health

Regular exercises improve blood flow to the brain, vital for brain health and improving memories. It can help older people protect mental functions more than young ones. Some people think that exercises are for the young generation only, but the truth is, older people benefit from physical exercise than the young ones. Therefore, regardless of your age, you need to exercise for your health.

Physical Exercise can help you improve quality of sleep

Research indicated that physical exercise contributes highly to improving the quality of sleep. This is because the increase in body temperature during exercise reduces temperature during sleep, hence improves the quality of your sleep.

Physical Exercise can boost your sex performance

Regular exercise can help strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation, enhance flexibility, and improve your sex drive. So, make a decision now to start a new life and make physical exercise as part of your daily routine.


From the few points narrated in this article, you can see how important physical exercise is for your health life. We saw how vulnerable human beings are withour physicaal exercises, but, yet some people do not see. The benefits ranges from social, economic to sexual life. Let’s reap the benefits of doing physical exercises for our own good.

It takes about 45 minutes a day to make a difference. Thus, do it now and live your life. Remember that ‘ No Pain No Gain. ‘

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe


Social media has made it a lot easier to connect with our loved ones, families, friends, and everybody through sharing pictures, videos, and various moments. Through social media, we strengthened our relationships by bringing families and friends together in a way that was not possible in the past. There are many more things that the community needs. Social media plays a significant role for the community by opening up job opportunity platforms to several unemployed youths. However, in this article, I mostly dwelled on the negative impact that social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Online forums, and Chart boards have destroyed the new generation.

Some Negative impacts of social media on the new generation.

1.    Addiction,

Addiction forms part of the negative concequences of social media to the new generation. People, spend a lot of time gossiping and forgetting to do other responsibilities. Concequently, they miss out on many meaningful opportunities because they keep on liking and commenting about other people’s lives and profiles.

2.    Social-economic impact

Many new generations spend their meager money buying airtime to facilitate their full time online and forget about economic responsibilities.The situation has turned life upside-down because the elders take care of the energetic youth. 

3.    Moral erosion

While most people positively use social media, they advertise and sell products and services and get money; others are busy posting content not desired to the community. The young generation has so much capacity to grasp new things and put them in store for further use. Hence, such pictures and wrong content information bring about a massive problem to the moral part of our young generation. The situation is especially true in African countries where there are specific moral values that the modern generation should follow.

4.    Cyberbullying,

Most people use social media to bully others by sending, posting, or sharing harmful messages that cause embarrassment or humiliation. Social media platforms are a stock of unlawful or criminal behaviors.  Thanks to many Governments in the world for establishing some laws against cyberbullying.

5.    Health and economic consequences of Inadequate sleep

People spend time until late hours while browsing from one siteb to another and get few hours of sleep. Such persons end up sleeping at work and if noted by their bosses they ended up fired and hence unemployed. Every human being requires an average of at least 6 hours of sleep; however, people who spend much time online sleep between 2 to 4 hours.

6.    Self-image issues

Social medial sites provide tools to earn others’ approval and the possibility to compare themselves to others.  People who spend most of their time posting personal images and activities, charting, and scrolling all the time are the most vulnerable to the self-image issue. For instance, college girls who post self-images expect to get likes and comments about their looks. These girls may get unrealistic positive comments which make them wear false pride.  By the time they discover that the comments were not a representative of their authentic look, it becomes too late and already disastrous. People go further to the extent of recommending surgery to change someone’s look; they spend money to pay for the surgery and all to find that it was not a genuine case and have already lost their natural beauty.

7.    Mental health impact

Social media has a significant impact on mental health; the constant distraction on social media contributes to shortened attention spans, in addition, many people who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram report a high level of stress. The situation is pathetic, to the extent that it has reached the point that when people wake up, they grab a phone and see what happened on social media sites while they were asleep. We may decide to laugh at this point, but the situation is terrible, and if not timely checked, it becomes a habit that results in a mental problem.

8.    Source of crimes,

Most people misuse social media platforms by lying to people about products, jobs, or services they think people need and manipulating them to ask for money. At the same time, they don’t offer such service or don’t sell that particular product, and at the end of the day, the people in need end up paying and receiving nothing.

9. Depression and anxiety,

 Most people are fooled by what they see without knowing that others post or share unrealistic moments, food, clothes, and fancy cars.  As a result of what they see from social media, they are frustrated.  They start blaming  God and everyone around them instead of working hard and building their kingdom.

10. Social media as a source of marriage breakups

Research has shown that many relationships collapsed because of too many social media platforms. The main problem is not only the type of content in social media but also the on-time couples spend on social media. Spending such time deprives the other partners of the intimacy that binds the relationship. Many marriages that collapsed before five years, use of social media platforms have been one of the great causes.


 Despite the benefits of using social media economically, socially, and politically, the negative consequences take a big hip compared to the benefits. We build societies of nuisance and destroy the future generation. I, thus, call upon all social media users to be careful and use social media to rip the benefits which a lot more. Let’s stop gossiping, bullying, and sharing fake life experiences, wrongly inspiring people, and making others disvalue their lives. Through social media, people consider life to be straightforward so that you can sit down and earn money. Teachers and college lecturers plan to help the world by continuously talking about the pro and cons of social media.

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe


Recalling about your past is a natural thing for any human being. Your past is a two-way sword: your success and two failures. Both sides can impact your present life and your ability to move forward. I read a paper written by Kathleen Arnold, Kathleen McDermott, and Karl Szpunar on Memory and Cognition. The authors indicated that your memory strongly influences your ability to envision the future for the past. Through this article, I would like to share how both sides of your past sword can impact your tomorrow and how you can mitigate those impacts and move forward.

How Can your memories Impact your tomorrow?

We use our past to predict our future, assuming that all conditions remain constant. If we consider different situations, we can use our experience as lessons learned. In cases that fail, we will try as much as possible to avoid them in our plans and include those that were a success. The following are lessons from the past that can assist planning the future.

Selection of friends

In terms of using your experience to select your future friends, commonly, you will start thinking of your past friends who contributed to your success and plan to continue with or get some more of the same kind. However, you may wish to go without friends with whom you found yourself to the ditch. Thus, using your experience, you can envisage the kind of friendship that will lead you to achieve your goals successfully.

Time Management

You may think of how you managed your time in the past, memorize the resultant situations, and plan how you would like your future.

Cash flow management

Cash flow aspects can be part and parcel when using experience to design the future. In this case, you may consider your past revenues and expenditure line. Recalling how your past sources of revenues may assist in analyzing what worked and what did not work and hence, correctly predict the future. Along with the revenue side, the past expenditure habit can make lessons for the future. Proper financial management calls for your revenues to be more than expenditures.


Lifestyle can sometimes be a reason for success or failure. Your lifestyle can explain if you are existing or living. Living and existing may seem like a synonym to each other, but they are different. I prefer living to exist because living involves meaning and purpose; hence, you have a reason for being there. To exist means that you are just there with no purpose in life. We pass through different paths, and we face challenges that define us today depending on how we dealt with them in the past. Lifestyle can lead you to bad experiences, bad choices, etc.

Some tips that can let you  forget your past and move forward

1. Focus on the present

One of the most effective ways of letting go of the past is to embrace the present. Let bygone be bygone to avoid getting consumed with the past negativity. Keep yourself active and enjoy the present moment, learn new things and exert effort into them. Meditate, exercise, and stay away from troubles and distractions. Give proper value to your ideas instead of taking them for granted because they might be your way to success.

2. Think about your responsibilities and people around you

Stop thinking about yourself for a second and think about people who look upon you, including your kids, spouse, family, and everyone who might need your support. You will get energized and more zeal to move forward when looking at such people.

3. Think of the People whom you want to prove wrong

Remind yourself about the people with negative mindsets about you, the people who always wanted to bring you down, and try your best to stay away from them. Meet new people and new friends worthy of your time and make them feel proud of you. In such an environment, you will get motivated to move forward.

4. Be happy and forgive who wronged you

Most people find it hard to forgive others because of what they did to them; instead, they hold grudges, not knowing that is harmful to themselves. Forgive everyone, let them out of your mind, focus on your happiness, eat healthily, try new things, and do what makes you happy, and do not forget to get time to listen to some soft music if it can make you happy. Trust me; you will start ignoring your past and powerfully move forward.

5. Disconnect for a while

Take some time away from the environment, places, people, and things that can remind you of your past. Consider putting off your mobile phone for a while; you will stay away from social media to avoid distraction. Thus, new places and new people can be medicinal to clear up your head. While disconnected, give yourself a treat, a chance to experience new things, and start designing your future path. If possible,  go to places that you have never been there before. Trust me; you will experience energy you have never experienced before on your time back.

6. Stop blaming others; start to make positive change

You do not always get what you planned because life can go otherwise. In such cases, stop blaming others. Look at things through a positive eye and start making some positive changes. Stop pointing fingers at your parents, college professors, and friends. The energy you use to think about others and throw out blames can make necessary inputs for your future. Thus, reserve such energy, design the end of your dream, and move forward.

7. Learn from your past and move on

Those negative experiences you had can be your teacher correcting your way and learning new things. Use your failures, mistakes, mistreat, and negatives that happened your way to achieve positive results. Most people dwell on their past experiences and can’t let them go, but moving on is possible and vital.


  • Your past is your best teacher for your success tomorrow; use it to design your future.
  • Learn to be thankful to GOD for every occurrence in your life; learn to be a God-fearing person.
  • Keep on treating yourself, and do not wait for a treat from somebody else because you will keep waiting until you die.
  • Help people in need of your help as a way to thank God for making you what you are.
  • Be focused and move on because life has many things that can deviate you from your goal.
  • Be upbeat, solid, and full of commitment to succeed.

By. Deodatus Robert Mgembe


What is Hardworking

There are several keys to success, which you may call principles, elements, or success factors. But, one thing that you can’t go without if you want to succeed is ‘ hard work.’

Hardworking is a character that involves dedication, diligence, perseverance, commitment, use of skills, and putting tireless efforts in a work. Speaking of hard work we are also talking about focus, consistency, patience, pushing yourself to the limit. Hardworking also includes the behavior of trying new things but without loosing track of your initial vision. Success is a process that doesn’t just happen, instead, you have to put some actions in the right direction.

Hardworking and Success

On your way towards success, you have to know that there can be some ups and downs in the process. Some people lose hope and decide to quit with such ups and downs. In the journey to success, quitting is not an option. The only thing you have to do is work hard in the right direction no matter how many times you fall. Many people who have succeeded in life have fallen seral times. So, when you fall, there are only two options; either you wake up and move on, or you stay down. If you wake up and keep going, that’s a good choice; but if you stay down, you will remain down for the rest of your life. Who will you blame? Thus, hardworking is key to success.

7 Reasons Why hardworking is the key to success

There are several reasons why hardworking is key to success. In this article I m sharing seven reasons that prove hard working as amongst the key reasons for suucess.

Hardworking is the price you have to pay for what you are going to achieve

Indeed, nothing comes easy you have to sweat for what you want, you have to put everything, your mind, your time, focus, and everything towards your goal, hardworking will help you protect what you achieve and dedicate yourself to guide your achievements and not allowing anyone to drag you down again because you know where you come from and how hard you worked to get there.

Hardworking is an investment in which a prudent person finds a reason to go forward.

Naturally, no one would want to lose the already invested efforts. Thus, the already invested hard work, sweat, and tears on the journey to success especially become a motivating tool even at the time when you started thinking of quitting. when you think of the hard work you put you will be motivated to stand up and keep pushing forwad.

Hardworking is a discipline-building instrument.

At the beginning of the journey, you were not ready to handle the success and the responsibilities that come along with it but earning it with sweat and a lot of sacrifices prepares you for that, the discipline comes as a result of failures you went through before success so you learn from them .

Hardworking cultivates your luck and opens up opportunities

Most average people spend a lot of time waiting for things to happen they make a lot of excuses to postpone taking action but on the other hand, other people are working hard trying new things to move forward, this way they create many opportunities and explore them and get luck out of those and become successful. Things are not just happening you have to pave the way not just stay at home and wait for opportunities.

Hardworking is a reason for our Happy moments

Achieving happy moments is a desire for every human being, but you can not be happy while unsuccessful. The level of success achieved increases the level of happiness you create in your life. In other words, the results brought by your hardworking are the best measure of your progress. Set your goals and push yourself towards them, as more as you get results you get inspired to continue working harder and achieve more. You can not get results by quitting, keep moving forward stay away from distractions that can make you lose focus, if it’s people then stay away from them in the end you will see the benefit of your hard work.

Hardworking activates our Talents

Talent well used is a great companion of your hardworking behavior. However, we once saw that an inactive talent is the same as dead. Through hard work, you can easily uncover your talent and make it a career. A talent turned into a career is a perfect move towards success. We need to know what we are good at and make use of our talents to achieve our set goals.

Hardworking is more than working hard

You will agree with me that in our societies, we have people who work hard but are never successful and you find some people who we consider lazy but successful. Hardworking is more than working hard. We need to be smart in our work, be able to properly exploit and grab available opportunities. Being smart at work includes putting the proper balance between inputs and outputs.

But, Are we in full control?

I have been asking myself a question that “Is hardworking the only reason for your success? Are we in full control of our efforts? These questions come to my mind where I find people who seem to be hardworking but without what we perceive to be a success. In other words, Not all hard-working people are successful and on the other hand, not all successful people are hard working. What do we say about this connotation?

Sometimes life can take us in a different direction even if we try so hard to focus on our goals. This shows us that despite the hardworking being key to success, we are not in full control. The follow-up question is if we are not in full control, who else is in control? The results of my simple research indicated that God is in control. Take an example of a farmer who does not have smart irrigation infrastructures, who subjects the efforts to only rainfall coming on time, can work very hard but if there are no rains his hard work becomes nothing. This brings me to a conclusion that despite all the reasons for our success let us humble ourselves before GOD.

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe


How do I discover my talents and take advantage of them? The question of how to discover talents and make use of them is in the brain of most youths today. In this article, I want to share a deep understanding of the concept of talent and how people can realize their talents.


A talent is a gift or a natural ability to do things well without being taught. Every human being is naturally gifted with a particular talent since everyone is good at something, but most people find it challenging to discover their abilities. As a result of failing to discover your talent, you may run a miserable life while you have abundant resources in you. One of the common questions is if there are people without talents


Being talented or not is perceptive. It depends on your perception and the perception of the people around you. Some might think that they do not have any talent and try to make people understand that they are gifted with nothing. The truth is that everyone is good at something but might be inactive and indiscoverable. Thus, change your thinking and open doors you will see your talents. You have a personal responsibility to activate your talents and make them beneficial to you and to the society you are living in.

The following are some tips that can help you to discover your talents and take advantage of them.


As a general rule, you need to thoroughly assess your life from childhood up to where you are today. Making such an in-depth assessment may need the support and help of others. Can be your parents, your relatives, your schoolmates, and friends. Specific tips to help you discover your talent include the following:

Your Past Hard Times can be a place where your talent rests

Take a look at the times that you faced serious challenges and how you dealt with them. Hard times might reveal your hidden skills. The skills you used to solve some of your past challenges might be one of your biggest talents. Once you discover your talent, start planning for the successful utilization of the talent. Such skills can be a source of generating income.

Take the example of the challenge of unemployment facing many of the developing countries. Its citizens struggle so much to make a living. In struggling to make a living, one discovers the hidden abilities. I have a good example of some of the celebrities, artists, and singers; if you ask them how did they come out to be that much known, most of them will tell you that they had to look for a reason to live and all to find that they are good in such activities. So do not underrate what comes out during difficult times.

You can find your Talent from Your Passion

Think about what you like to do most in your daily life activities. Consider things that make you happy. Think about what people say when you do something. What do most people ask you to help them with? You might take the answers to the above questions for granted, but it is an undeniable truth that your passion carries some of your talents. If you like singing and dancing, sing and dance, and with time you will see and benefit from that talent.

You can let Nature Take its Course

Think about the things that come to you naturally and your natural way of handling them. Think about the activities that you don’t struggle to implement. You might take them easily and all to find that it is where your talents rest. Most of our talents are within the weird things that we do every day but, we take them for granted. Think about how many times you succeeded in something that you just wondered how you managed it. In such weird things rest one’s talent.

Your Childhood is your Pond of Talents

Your childhood can be a pond of your talents. However, talents hidden in childhood require the support of the parents and people around you to uncover them and nurture them. Parents have the responsibility to see and understand what those capabilities in their children are? They are responsible not only to discover them but also to nurture them accordingly. You might be interested in asking your parents, your brothers and sisters about the kind of things you used to do and like during your childhood. Once you get a clue, you can begin discovering your talents and plan to take advantage of them.

Let me make a call for the parents who like to put a lot of pressure on their children to pursue the parents’ interest instead of their interest. Let our kids find their destiny, and parents remain facilitators in helping the children realize and grow their talents. Pressing children to follow parents’ interests is why we are left with a lot of graduates without employment.

Prayer can Uncover the Hidden Talents

Talents are inborn. For those who believe in God, talents come from God. A Prayer, therefore, is a powerful weapon in uncovering and activating hidden talents. Talents that are not utilized to benefit society are like dead because God has given different talents to different individuals to make the world complete and the best place to live. Therefore, pray and ask God to reveal your talents to you and show you how to multiply the talents to the people of God.


It is a fact that a dormant talent is as well as dead. Turning your talent into a career means making your talent active and valuable. The question that most people ask is how to do one turn talent into a job? How does one turn a hobby into a career? All those are easy questions that require complex answers. The following are a few tips on how you can make your talent into a career.

Thinking outside the square

Turning your talent and hobbies into a career is not as simple as drinking a cup of tea. It requires deep thinking, commitment, and investment. It also depends on the time and your age while making such a decision. If you decide to change your talent into a career at the age of 45, it may become a challenge because much as you like and enjoy dancing, you are likely to be limited by your age as it can not allow you to perform stage efficiently. In such an environment, you need to think from a different perspective. You may still maintain your hobby by establishing a band, maybe, a magazine, a journal, or a blog to promote dancing. Here you have successfully turned your dancing talent into a career.

Determine the Social and Economic Needs of your Community

Activating your talent makes the talent useful to you and the community you are living with. Therefore, once you have discovered your talent, you must undertake a situation analysis that will enable you to determine the community’s day-to-day needs, the challenges facing the community that require some solutions. Furthermore, consider the types of solutions available and prepare a matrix that shows the needs and challenges of the community. The matrix should also indicate a collum reflecting the available solution and the adequacy level.

From your social and economic needs matrix prepared in number 2 above, extract those without solutions and assess the extent to which your talent can offer solutions to those challenges. Thus, you can turn your talent into a career by looking at situations that are useful to others but missing, or the available solution is not adequate, and you can do it better. With time, this talent becomes a career that you can make commercial.

What is essential here is to make sure that once you start commercializing your talent, you must make sure that you identify yourself from the rest of the service providers and uniquely offer your services.


Most people fail to recognize or utilize their talents because they lack support from the people around them. Many people, especially the youth, have dreams coming from their skills and passions, but they lack support from the community and their parents. Most parents, especially in African countries, tend to ignore their young boys’ and girls’ talents, passions, and dreams. As a result, we are left with a big group of unemployed youth.

We have to value everything that we do because our talents lie within our daily doings and if we discover them and utilize them properly as we live. Let’s inspire and support others to grow their abilities. We also need to value skills and help each other turn the talents into a career and stop complaining about unemployment. Let’s use our gifts from God and create employment.

By Deodatus Robert Mgembe

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