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Choosing the Best Resume Format

How to choose the best resume format for a successful job search is amongst the questions job seekers have been asking.  At the end of this article, you will get to know the types of resume format as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each format. From the advantages and disadvantages you should know how and why you should choose a certain resume format.  

Types of resume formats

There are three main resume formats that job seekers may use.

1.      Reverse – Chronological

This is the most common resume format whereby you list your skills and experiences in a reverse chronological order by starting with the most current followed the oldest.

2.      Functional

The functional resume is the least used resume format which is also known as skills-based resume. The functional resume focuses mostly on your skills and not your work experiences.

3.      Combination

This format combine bot reverse chronological and the functional resumes. In other words, the combination resume focus presents both the skills and the work experiences.

Pro and Cons of each resume format

S/NResume FormatProsCons
1Reverse chronological Formati. Very easy to skim It is an easy-to-read format

ii. It is the most preferred by the Recruiters and Human Resources Managers
iii. It is the most popular resume format
i. For a recent graduate it is hard to fill as you hard no any work experience

ii. For the regular career changer, the format makes the career gap so obvious, you may easily seem to be unreliable in the eyes of the recruiters.
2.Functional Resume Formati. It is facilitative in highlighting specific skills.

ii. At the time of switching careers, you can easily explain how your skills transfer to the new job.

iii. For recent graduate with practical skills, but not much work experience functional resume format is more useful than the rest.
i. The format is not familiar to most of the recruiters and HR Managers.

ii. Users of Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have difficulties reading functional resumes.
3Combination Resume Formati. Allows you to show off more of your experience and skills using less space.

ii. Useful for very senior professionals or executives who need to highlight more than just their work experience.
i. As with the functional resume format, applicant tracking systems have difficulties reading combination resumes.
ii.  If you’re a recent graduate or don’t have much work experience, this resume format is not for you.

How to Choose the Best Resume Format

With the three formats on your hands, and with the pro and cons of each format and circumstances, you should be able to select the format that best fit your circumstances. However, since the resume is prepared to be submitted to the potential employers, and since most of the employers can easily understand the reverse chronological format, unless you are a career changer, you would best go for a reverse chronological format.