How to be Grateful to People who Helped you Archive your goals


In life, there are a lot of things that we do personally and fail to accomplish. But with the help of others, we manage to achieve our goals successfully. When someone selflessly does something good for you and you want to express gratitude, a common expression of thanks might not seem like enough. If the person has improved your life in a great way, it is very important to find an approach to gratitude that communicates your almost appreciation with sincerity. Whether it is a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member, this article gives you several thoughtful ways to express gratitude to those who helped you.

1 . Tell them how they made a difference in your life.

Telling people how they made a difference in your life is a sign of acknowledging their help. Show your gratitude by expressing your appreciation for their help. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. They will feel valued and appreciated with the feeling that they did something good and that someone is actually grateful for it. This will also give them confidence and morale to not give up on themselves and the people around them. As we all know, everyone feels good and enjoys the feeling of being appreciated. Rather than wasting your time doing good things for others and still people do not value what you did for them and take you for granted.

2 . Get specific and Show them your Success

Get straight to the point on what you are grateful for. In this part, you can add the word ‘ for ‘ at the end of the initial phrase example; Thank you for….., I appreciate you for ….., I am grateful to you for …. Etc. This is a powerful way of showing someone how special one is to you. Nothing makes people feel better than seeing their help turn into success. Show them the results of your hard work and the goals you have achieved. That you value what that did to you and that you wish well for them too. Stop roaming around the bush be specific and let them know what you are grateful for. Being specific will help them know exactly what you are thankful for.

3 . Return the favor by offering your Help

If possible, offer your help to those who helped you. This is a great way to show your appreciation and give back. As human beings, we all struggle in this life in achieving our life goals and we all need help in one way or another. If someone helped you before and you see them struggling with something that you are good at, return the favor by helping them too. Make their struggle simple and let them enjoy their good deed towards you. Sometimes people help others because they know one day they will need their help too. Most of them will not come to your door and seek for your help even though they need it badly.

4 . Send a Gift

A small gift or token of appreciation is a great way to show your gratitude to those who were instrumental in helping you reach your goals. Give them something that you know they have always wanted. This is a great way of showing gratitude because it shows that you care for them too. A person will feel that you care for their interests too. A gift might not be big but it has great meaning to that person because he or she needed it for a while. Due to some reasons could not manage to get it. You might try to understand their challenges and find a gift that will comfort them and simplify things for them.

5 . Get deep and Give a Shout-out

Sometimes words might not seem like enough to convey the extent of your thanks. Post an online shout-out or thank-you note to those who helped you reach your goals. This is a great way to show your appreciation in a public forum. You can also use deep emotional statements like, I can not thank you enough, words can not express how much you mean to me, I am more grateful to you than you will ever know, I will never forget your support and kindness, etc. Show the person that you are grateful and show them that you mean it and you don’t take their help for granted.

6 . Stay in Touch

Make sure to keep in touch with the people who were instrumental in helping you reach your goals. Send them an occasional email or text message to let them know that you are still thinking of them. Show them that there are a lot of things you like about their example, honesty, generosity, and nonjudgmental. Whichever traits they exhibit that made you appreciate them. Make them see that you consider them as good people and you appreciate their existence, not only because they helped you achieve your goals.


By expressing gratitude to those who have helped you, you can ensure that you are able to properly thank and appreciate those who have helped you along the way. Being grateful not only lets people know that you recognize their efforts, but it also allows you to take a step back and reflect on how far you have come and how much you have achieved. By expressing your gratitude to those around you, you will be able to build stronger relationships and foster a culture of appreciation and encouragement.

By Deodatus R .Mgembe